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balads : a new way to travel

Balads makes your life easier thanks to an integrated solution of fully packaged and scripted touristic journeys. With a starting point in the biggest cities and lasting from half a day to a few days. It’s not always easy to prepare for a week-end trip: whether it’s finding a theme, creating the right journey, choosing your ...

Ferrari roadtrip, the automobile journey starting from the big cities

F-Roadtrip offers Ferrari owners an extensive experience with their vehicle thanks to packaged, localized trips. For example : 2 romantic days around Paris Tour Auto - classic car rally / modern car rally “Les voiles de Saint-Tropez” In the event industry : B2B or touristic B2C Available on the App Store

Passione Ferrari : a fan-based community

Passione Ferrari is a usage and community-based solution aiming to bring together enthusiasts around a common goal, the love of cars, deeply rooted in the italian brand’s DNA. It’s an interesting support to pass on car-related news, putting together events, as well as by-products e-Commerce. The app is available on the App Store since 2015.

Peugeot Instinct : vehicle, driver and IOT

Instinct is a type of vehicle depicting its capacity to adapt according to external information gathered from the iOT (internet of things - connected devices). Story telling, scripting, technology and commun use are at the service of the client’s profiling.Instinct was showcased at the MWC BARCELONA and a the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Share with u : ...