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Projects 2018


balads : a new way to travel

Balads makes your life easier thanks to an integrated solution of fully packaged and scripted touristic journeys. With a starting point in the biggest cities and lasting from half a day to a few days.

It’s not always easy to prepare for a week-end trip: whether it’s finding a theme, creating the right journey, choosing your activities, or finding the good hotel deals and let’s not forget the mandatory delightful restaurant reservation. You can easily spend a couple of hours on it, for a very unpredictable result.

This is why we’ve created Balads : the first CarPlay & Android Auto compatible app which offers you packaged and scripted roadtrips.

A seamless offer

Forget the countless website searches and drowning in emails: thanks to the packaged offers, you can easily book your Balads in just a few clicks. All necessary documents (museum tickets, activities, hotel booking, restaurant reservation…) are pre-downloaded in the app. You only pay once, with a pricing far more attractive than had you booked everything separately.

On departure day, simply connect your smartphone to the CarPlay or Android Auto systems (compatible with all car manufacturers) and launch your custom Balads. Let the GPS guide you, and enjoy the story.


All Balads are scripted in such a way every user will experience an unprecedented journey. The roads, places and activities are chosen based on the theme you picked, and immerse you in a fascinating universe : following Napoleon footsteps, the Templar secrets, the heart of Antiquity, the genuine region of le Var, the french revolutions… Thanks to the vocal assistant and built-in mini-games, you’ll get to uncover mythical places, or confidential venues depending on the angle, where each single story is but the chapter to a bigger one.


A car… and so much more !

As you’re experiencing your Balads, some activities might be an invitation to explore other kinds of mobility : from electric scooters, to bikes, or walking trails…

The app will keep guiding you and feeding you all the useful information to broaden your adventure.


An international offer

The Balads app was also thought as a pioneering way to accompany side by side foreign tourists who want to discover France independently. At the airport, the client gets to his rental vehicle and unlocks it with his smartphone. The vehicle’s interface automatically switches to the client’s native language.

With Balads, there is no language barrier or banking fees : everything has already been paid for with your smartphone. Every Balads story is adapted to the client’s cultural requirements: for example, we’ll make sure the chosen hotel’s staff speaks the same language as the client.

Balads is a new way to experience travel which will make you want to drive again